Jon Bryant Crawford, 2018. Memphis, Tennessee.    Photo by Gabe Mayhan

Jon Bryant Crawford, 2018. Memphis, Tennessee.

Photo by Gabe Mayhan


Jon Bryant Crawford

is a Guyanese American who grew up in the American South. After graduating with a degree in English Literature from Hendrix College, he became an NBC affiliate news cameraperson covering stories like hurricane Katrina and local police investigations. He moved to San Francisco in his mid-twenties to attend SFAI where he promptly dropped out and concentrated on being a full-time homosexual. After a brief career with the circus and some additional time working in advertising and branding, he moved to Los Angeles to earn his MFA from UCLA, TFT.

While in California he directed several notable short films. He worked with artists like George Kuchar, Ernie Gehr, Doug Hall, as well as with Hollywood producers such as Bobby Moresco and Beau Marks. After a few years paying the bills as a freelance writer, an assist to notable producers, and the occasional directing job, Jon decided to take on show-running a National Public Television Show.

Recently, he has served as a producer on site with Google, where he worked with the Global Learning and Design team to create internal and external media. Currently, he is launching his personal project, Tell Me A Memory, where he interviews and shares the stories of the Queer community.

He has received a Stonewall Society Pride in the Arts Award and has been awarded residencies and fellowships at Film Independent, Crosstown Arts, Kopkind Colony, and the Smithsonian. He has also received the Four Sisters Scholarship. Edie and Lew Wasserman Grant, and Carl David Memorial Fellowship. He has also gone to Burning Man one time, and now remarks, “it’s not the same as it used to be.”